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Fight your Drunk Driving in Michigan. It is possible to win! You are not a criminal.

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving, DWI, OWI, Impaired Driving, Operating under the influence, Super drunk driving don’t assume there is nothing that can be done. There are defenses.

Myths about Drunk Driving

One of the most common myths about drunk driving arrests this that if you are arrested you must be guilty and the best thing to do is try to plead it down and hope for mercy. I disagree. I am an attorney that believes that the best thing you can do it fight it. Defend it with a zealous advocacy is what I do. There are numerous defenses to the drunk driving arrest. Just to name a few you can challenge the stop, challenge the arrest, challenge the evidence, challenge the breath test, challenge the blood draw, challenge procedure, and if all else fails you can take your case to trial.

Remember, if you have just been arrested your self esteem might be low but you still have rights. You have all your Constitutional Rights.

A lot of attorneys take your money without trying to win your case

There are some attorneys I call “meet them, greet them, and plead them” as they take your money and do little for you. I am not that attorney. There may be some circumstances where it is in your best interests to take a plea to a lesser offense, usually a first offense when the evidence is overwhelming and you have done a full investigation and done the proper challenges to the stop and the evidence, but not always.

Even a first offense can have devastating lifetime consequences. Any drunk driving offense will stay on your driving record forever. If you get a second OWI your license will be revoked and you may never drive again.And of course, a third DUI in a lifetime is a 5 year felony. So, if you trust your life with a public defender and your divorce lawyer by all means good luck.

Facing jail is not a fun thing to go through. Yes, you can get up to 93 days in jail even for a first offense drunk driving. Fines and probation can have a devastating effect on you. Even a first offense Impaired driving involves license suspension. If you are convicted you will be in the system. You will have the Courts in your life controlling you. You owe it to yourself and your family to take every action to defend yourself properly.

Why should you hire me to handle your case?

Because I give you my word that I will fight for you, every step of the way. I will do all I can you for you. I am an experienced DUI attorney that doesn’t believe everything the cops say.

  • I don’t believe every one that is arrested is guilty.
  • I believe that a lot of arrests are made illegally.
  • I believe that the police are often over zealous to make an arrest and don’t follow Constitutional procedure.
  • I believe that if you allow yourself to hire me as your attorney you will have a friend on your side that will do everything within the law to defend you.
  • Innocent people DO go to Jail!!!

You will need an attorney. Defending OWI, DUI and Drunk Driving requires a bit more knowledge then defending a normal criminal case. You can go to a public defender but if you are convicted the Court can still order you to pay attorney fees. You can go to your family lawyer but you won’t get someone with deep knowledge of defending you. You can go to a high dollar, high profile drunk driving attorney and pay up to $10,000.00 for your defense. Or you can come to me. I will give your experienced quality representation and defend your rights and fight your case but won’t charge you top dollar. You can get great defense at a decent price. I know that when you get popped with a DUI it never comes at a good time. It not an expense you plan for. I offer top notch service at lower rates because I have a belief that you should be able to afford a real drunk driving lawyer and not settle for less then you deserve.

You should be able to afford a real drunk driving lawyer and not settle for less then you deserve, just because you’re not rich.

I am located in Hartland Michigan but serve a broad-region with many different courts in Michigan.

If you have been arrested and charged with a drunk driving in southeast or central Michigan you owe it to yourself to call me. I serve Hartland MI, Milford MI, Novi MI, Flint MI, Ann Arbor MI, Royal Oak MI, Pontiac MI, Waterford MI, Brighton MI, Howell MI, Fowerville, MI, South Lyon MI, Wixom MI, White Lake MI, Holly MI, Fenton MI, Grand Blanc MI, Northville MI, and surrounding areas.

I want to insure that you get the best service and best defense and an affordable rate. I don’t cut corners in your defense. I leave no stone unturned. I will investigate your case . I’m not a meet them, greet them, and plead them kind of guy. I know the law and I like to work.

Your accusers already have the representation they need to convict you. Shouldn’t you also have the representation that knows how to defend you?

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Agressive Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Avoid Jail

If you have been arrested for any drunk driving offense you are looking at jail time. Even a first offense can land you in jail. Most of the time a second conviction carries mandatory jail time. A third offense you are facing prison. Don't take this lightly. You might think a first offense is no big deal, but the truth is it will haunt you forever.Even if you avoid jail you could slip up on probation and still go to jail. You could be forced to do J.A.M.S http://www.oakgov.com/dc52div1/probation/jams_locations.html and drug testings and end up in jail because of equipment malfunction.

You can not take this matter lightly. I will fight for you heart and soul to keep you out of jail. It is a personal mission of mine to see that you get the best defense you can. I will defend your case as if it was me facing jail time. Call me. I don't care if you are a corporate executive or a bar fly I will make your representation top notch. My law office will handle your case professionally and give you the attorney you need facing jail time.

Don’t Wait: Call Me Today! My office number is 810-632-9160. My personal cell is 248-882-0838.

Drivers License Restoration

Revocation of your license can be devastating. Often time you have tried to get them back only to be denied by the Secretary of State SOS - Driver License and State ID, time and time again. Many time the hearings officers are like talking to a stone wall and rubber stamp your denial. You need a lawyer that understands the frustration and knows how to defend you and mount an attack that will Get your license back! Call me today, 810-632-9160