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Is it possible to get your drunk driving arrest dismissed? Yes, it is. The biggest mistake made is people think because they are arrested that they have to lay down and beg for mercy. Well, police make mistakes all the time. Remember a cop is under pressure to turn in a report to his boss. If a cop is working the midnight shift and he doesn't make some arrests of Drunk Drivers he or she will probably get fired. Remember they are the looking for a reason to arrest you under the probable cause standard. If a cop does something questionable or illegal you think they are going to tell you? Can you imagine a cop saying "well, I didn't really have a reason to stop you but you looked like you might have been drunk so I pulled you over." It happens, but most cops won't tell you that they made an illegal stop. But if a quality drunk driving attorney does an investigation and finds this to be the case then you have a good chance of getting your case dismissed.

There is a procedure that good drunk driving attorneys do to get your case dismissed. A good drunk driving attorney will always look for a way to get your case dismissed for an illegal stop, an unlawful arrest, failure to give timely rights, violation of priviledge against self-incrimination, unlawful search and sezizure of your property.

These are called pretrial motions. There are other pretrial motions that can be brought before the courts in Michigan. You can challege serch warrants for blood draws used to determine BAC. You can challege the DataMaster used to determine BAC.

It is important to write everything you can remember about the arrest. Do your own investigation before you come into my office. Bring in the names and phone numbers of all witnesses. I believe that almost every arrest the cops have done something illegal. It is a personal belief I have. If those cops violated your Constitutional rights then it is the attorneys job to find out and bring proper motion to dismiss. Fighting a drunk driving in Michigan is an uphill battle. There is a lot to know and do on even a simple drunk driving case in Michigan and a good drunk driving attorney in Michigan can get you through a difficult time. it is possible to get your case dismissed. I think that every drunk driving attorney in Michigan should be filing motion on every case to get your drunk driving case dismissed. If you are looking for a drunk driving attorney in Michigan to get your drunk driving case dismissed why not give my office a call at.


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