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02/25/2013 - By Doug Dern

Is it just me or are the drunk driving arrests on the up swing in the Brighton Michigan? One thing I have noticed at the 53rd District Court in Brighton is that there are VERY FEW DRUNK DRIVING CASES BEING CHALLENGED. As you can tell from my last few posts I tend to believe that certain Livingston County law enforcment agents have a tendency to get over zealous. This kind of poor behavior can be rewarded when attorneys do not challenge a case. The judges tend to say nice job and the public tends to say nice job. But if an attorney challenges the police and questions the procedures then there may be less arrogants and less slopy work. I am not saying all police work is slopy or that ever case not guilty, but I am saying late at night certain police may push the envelope a tad. We don't know unless we challenge them.