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10/06/2013 - By Doug Dern

As an attorney my perspective in Novi is that the Novi PD is tough. Out there around that Mall on Friday and Saturday night Novi PD just sit out there and look for civil infractions. I mean anything to stop you for. I think this is boarderline OWI check point. My opinion only. The problem with Novi is that the judges in the 52-2 District court don't like to do trials. I had a certsain public defender tell me that one judge will not let you do a trial for a DUI case. I have seen bond revoked when a defendant ask for a trial. Not for asking for a trial, but any excuse the judge can find. And we all know what the news found out about one judge. There is a certain nationaly reconized OWI judge in Novi that is tough on OWI and drunk driving. But if bullying tactics are used to get someone to plead I fail to see where justice is. As an advocate for justice I think Novi of all courts needs tough attorneys who are not affraid to take it on. But if you get a case in Novi you have a harder system against you. You have over zealous police that appear to go unchecked, tough prosecutors, tough probation, and three judges that will hang you for OWI.

That said how do you defend a case in Novi? It takes a special approach. It is more work. The stop really needs to be looked at, the arrest needs challenged. If you have been arrest for drunk driving in Novi you don't want to be in that system for a year to 18 months. You need an attorney that will roll up the sleeves and get to work. 

Don't believe me? Spend an afternoon at the 52-2 District court and watch.