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If you been arrested in Howell Michigan, Brighton Michigan, or Hartland Michigan for driving while intoxicated then you might might find yourself in a lot of trouble. More trouble then in other counties in Michigan. The Livingston County Sherriff department and the Brighton PD as well as the Fowlerville and Hamburg Police Departments take Drunk Driving very serious. You see on Friday and Saturday nights they are not dealing with the types of crime that takes place in Detroit or Flint so as they are out Policing the community it stands to reason that Drunk driving arrests in Livingston County are elavated.

The District Courts in Livingston have three Judges Reader, Geddis, and Brennan. The 53rd Ditrict Court is hard on Drunk Drivers, especially if you go to Court in Brighton. Like the Novi Court system you are not expected to fight your drunk driving. Prosecutors in Livingston County expect you to walk in and take their plea. Really there pleas are really no deal. Sometimes on a first offense OWI they might offer an impaired driving. There will almost never be any offer on a second offense. There most often may not be an offer on a first offense. If you have a second offense in Livingston County there is a rubber stamp jail time. Yes, I have seen first offenses get jail in Brighton. The Livingston County jail is full of Drunk Drivers.

It is tough to fight a drunk driving in Livingston County. If you go to trial you will find very conservative juries that don't want Drunk Drivers in their communities. But remember just because you were arrested doesn't mean you are guilty. You are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. I have always got a feeling that there is an assuption of guilt. This is because of the myths of the DataMaster breathizer machines. People assume that the cops don't make mistakes. I had a jury member tell me once that the cops don't make mistakes and that machines don't either. He didn't remain on the jury very long.

Fighting a drunk driving arrest in Livingston County is uphill because you get very little break from prosecutors. The reason is there is rarely a fight. Most people get a court appointed attorney. Court appointed attorneys are positioned to move cases. If a court appointed attorney started fighting Drunk Driving cases they might lose thier County funding. Another reason is the pool of attorneys in Livingston County tend to hold out their hand and say give me your $1000 and lets go pled you guitly. Another reason is that attorneys just don't know how to fight a case. That leaves you with the choice of being at the mercy of a prosecutor and the judge. It is really an ugly system to get a drunk driving in Livingston County.

If you are arrested in Birghton, Howell, Folwerville, or Hartland you need an attorney that can and will stand their ground for you. You need someone that will explore your options, write motions, argue your case, go to trial. Fight, bargin, or do what ever it takes.

If you get aressted in Livingston County Michigan hire an attorney that does OWI, and drunk driving defense. You owe it to yourself as well as your community. Get a battle wore attorney don't hire someone that is planning to take your money and not fight. Win , lose or draw you will feel better about yourself if you do everything you can for yourself, your family, your future.

Once again I must stress if you are arrested for OWI in Livingstong County and you want quality legal defense that is not going to cost you an arm and leg give me a call. I can provide a real defense and not cause you to file for bankruptcy.

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