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Farming Hills Michigan is an interesting place to get arrested for OWI.  Why? Because there are a lot of them. It seems to be a system that appears to me to be an assembly line justice system.  If you are looking for a Drunk Driving Attorney in Farmington Hills Michigan you should ask how many motions to suppress do you file? I have seen Drunk Driving attorneys in Farming Hills Michigan that run pure volume of drunk driving cases. There is almost no emotion no sense of concern just next, next,next attitude. You deserve better. If you have been arrested for Drunk driving or OWI in Farmington Hills Michigan you should give me a call. I know the system there, but I am in Hartland Michigan so I am not to concerned with playing in the scratch my back system. I am more concerned about making sure you get zealous representation. I want you to fight your drunk driving or at least to have your best shake. I am not saying that every drunk driving attorney in Farming Hills Michigan is not going to do a good job. But when I go to Farmington Hills I see a lot of herding the case through quickly and very matter of factly. This is your life!!!!!