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Drunk driving arrests in Grand Blanc Michigan is a hot bed. I have noticed the Police hang out around the Red Wood Brewery.  There are a number of bars in Grand Blanc that seem to attract the Grand Blanc Police and Mundy Township police departments at closing time. If you are looking for a Drun Driving attorney in Grand Blanc Michigan I can help you. I know that system. Now the Grand Blanc court system is very efficient. The Probation department is setting there waiting for you to pled guilty so they can do your required alcohol assesment and get you on your way once they have collected your tax money. Talk about a court system that expects you to plead guilty.  If you have a DUI or OWI drunk driving charge in Grand Blanc Michigan you need an attorney that knows DUI and OWI laws.

Now most drunk driving attorneys in Grand Blanc Michigan will pled you guilty the first time you go to court. They will take your money and go in and talk the city prosecutor and get you an impaired driving and walk out and tell you that they got you a deal. They will sentence you the same day. The Grand Blanc Drunk Driving attorney will spend all of 2 hours with you and you will pay them $1000.00 for what? His expertise? Meet them, greet them and plead them.

Ok, now the Grand Blanc court system expects you to pled guitly on a first offense. The system is set up for it. Everything is there, it is an assembly line. They rush the accused drunk driver through so fast that the average person doesn't know what happened. What need to be taken into account is the ramifcation fo having a drunk driving charge on your record. A second offense carries jail and revoking of your license and a third offense is a felony. Now if you are convicted of the first offense you will have license sanctions. That is the peice that the systems holds over your head. If you plead guilty to the offered impared driving you get to keep a restricted driver license so you pled guilty and pay the tax.  A good drunk driving attorney in Grand Blanc Michigan will take the time to fight your case through writing and filing motions to dismiss or motions to surpress the evidence and win your case that way. Of course there are times when no amount of defense will help. Video evidence may be overwhelming or other witnesses besides the Grand Blanc Police.

If you are arrested for OWI, DUI, impared driving or any drunk driving offense in Grand Blanc Michigan you need a drunk drinving attorney in Grand Blanc Michigan that will put together the best defense posible for your situation. Doug Dern is that attorney. Call me