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Drunk Driving Arrest in Genesee County

If you are arrested for drunk driving, OWI, Impaired driving, in Genesee County Michigan. Which includes OWI in Fenton, Flint, Mount Morris, Grand Blanc, Burton, Mundy Township or Davison.  You are sure to wonder do I need a lawyer. I mean in Genesee County has one of the highest drunk driving arrest numbers in the State of Michigan. With such high crime and so many drunk drivers are they really going to fill up the jail with a drunk drivier.

Answer is proabaly not. I have found that in Genesee County drunk drivers are treated fairly. I don't see  extra jail time, usually there is a fair plea bargain. But, second and third offenses in Flint can be treated pretty harshly. If you are in Flint with a Drunk Driving you need a good lawyer. Not a Court appointed lawyer, but a good qualty OWI Lawyer. If I was looking at jail time in Flint I would want the best drunk driving lawyer in the State.

Other consideration in Genesee County drunk Driving cases. Usually if you have never been arrested before in Genesee County you will get a break of a reduction to an impaired driving, with no jail, a fine and little if any probation. But remember your insurance will raise, you will lose your license, you will have points, but if you ever get another one you will get a license revocation.  You might never drive again.  And 3 Drunk drivings in a life time is a 1 to 5 year felony.

Now I am not suggesting that for a first time offense you don't need a lawyer. And I am not suggesting you go and get a meet them, greet them, and plead them guy either. But I am suggesting you hire me. Why? Well lets think about this. I might win your case because I am going to try. I could get it dismissed because that is always my attitude. I am not going to charge you $5,000.00. You can afford and I will do a professional defense with zealous advocacy of your case.  Some times on a first offense you can get a good enough deal on a plea bargain to take it but if you don't have someone in your corner how do you know if you are making the right choice?

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