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In Michigan, in some juridictions you can get jail for drunk driving on a first offense although it is not very likely. However, the law requires jail time for a DUI seconf offense and a DUI thrid offense. In fact, a third offense OWI in Michigan is a 1 to 5 year felony. This is not something to play around with.

A second offense DUI, OWI or impaired drunk driving in Michigan requires jail and a mandatory drivers license suppension for a lifetime. It also has serious fines and probation. If you are convicted of a drunk driving second you are is serious trouble. A DUI second offense can haught you for a life time. You might never drive again. Jail is the easy part of a OWI second. I set in court a watch people going to jail after pleading to an impaired or a straight up OWI second. As they take them back to the jail they look back at their firends and family, and I think they have no idea how tough life is going to get when they get out.  You have to fight a second offense drunk driving. There is no incentive not to.

If the thought of a DUI second scares you it is even worse on DUI, or OWI third offense. Defending on your record you could go to prison. You will likely do between 90 days to 1 year in County jail. The life time suspension of your drivers license that you can appeal after 1 year on a second,well it is 5 years after a third offense. Not to mention you are a convicted felon. 3 OWi, DUI, or any drinking and driving or drug and driving convictions in a life time is a felony.

If you think a OWI second offense or a third offense is tough, well a 4th or 5th drunk driving conviction you will go to prison. There are people serving 10 years or more over DUI convictions.

My office take special interest in second and third offense DUI,OWI, Impaired driving. I am an expert at multi offense drunk drivings. These are the cases you should always fight. I personally don't see any reason not to deal with a second or third offense DUI or drunk driving without motion, and trial. There is no reason not to. The courts, especially the courts in Novi, seem to encourage you to plead guilty to a OWI second.  There are a few areas in Michigan that a prosecutor will offer a reduced OWI 2nd to a first and no jail, but the State of Michigan will still take your drivers license for multi offense. I have seen courts in Genesee County give a fair deal to a multi offender. Sometimes taking a plea that is really fair might be in your best interest, but rarely do I recommend a plea on a second offense drunk driving or a felony drunk driving.

One of the reasons is that there are to many myths that you can't win a OWI case. There are ways to fight a drunk driving if an attorney wants to take the time to learn them.  The machines used to measure alcohol in the blood are not perfect. Cops make mistakes. Things go wrong. No arrest is perfect. Videos may prove you innocent, tests may be tainted or thrown out for improper handling.

When you invest in a OWI lawyer that specializes in OWI, Dui, Drunk driving seconds and third offense you are investing in your freedom. You are investing in your family, in your future. I warn you not to play around with a DUI that is more then a first offense. the Courts are very hard on multi offenders. They treat you like a real criminal. If you are convicted of a drunk driving third or fourth offense you could be right there in prison with a murder or violent offender.

Given the above statement perhaps you can understand why it might be in your best interest to fight a first offense drunk driving.

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