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Let me give you my opinion on Field Sobriety Tests. The cop ask you to step out of the car. He tells you to stand on one leg. You are scared out of your mind and shaking. Your knees are buckeling from fear. You have heels on or your boots. There are cars wizzing by. You heart is pounding. There are flashing lights over head. It might be cold out. The cop is a jerk. As you stand on one leg a car goes by and the wind catches you and you sway.

The next thing you know you are in my office and the police report says you couldn't stand on one leg. So now the Police has proabable cause to arrest you because he gave you a test he knew you were not going to pass.There is no score, there is only the police officers opinion. That's it.

Do you see how field sobriety tests in Michigan might be designed to fail? If you have a DUI in Michigan you might be sober and because of these cop FST you might end up in jail.


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