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If you have ever been in the Court in Novi Michigan at the 52 district Court you might be amazed at the number of people arrested for OWI in Novi. It is like an assembly line. And if you plead not guilty it is like you have done something bad. You have  put a wrench in the assembly line. Judge Robert Bondy is tough on drunk drivers. If you listen to attorneys talking in the hall way you will hear a buzz on how tough Bondy is and pleading not guilty is discouraged. If you have a Novi Drunk driving arrest trust me you need a drunk driving attorney in Novi.

What made me take notice was one night after midnight I was driving down Novi road. I was about 3 feet into an intersection and the light turned yellow. Officer Farrell of the NOVI PD stopped me for this. Dispite the fact that if I would have stopped I would have been in the middle of the intersection. I was amazed that I felt like I was in the old west. I couldn't believe a cop can do what they want. I started to notice that the NOVI PD has so many people pulled over on Novi Road on Friday and Saturday night. I think it is strange that so many civil infractions just so happen to happen on Novi Road on Friday and Saturday night. I have seen as many as 6 cops with people pulled over at once. This should anger the average citizen. Is Novi Road a Police state?

Of course the Novi judges will enforce the Constitution of the United States, right? I started watching the Novi Judges. Now as an attorney I am not allowed to really post anything negitive about a judge. Let me just tell you if you are arrested for a drunk driving in Novi, you need a lawyer. And I am not talking about a court appointed lawyer. You need a drunk driving attorney in Novi because the 52 District court in Novi is tough.

I have instisted that OWI law requires a special bit of knowledge. If you get popped in Novi for drunk driving the odds are against you. You have an uphill battle. If you think you can't afford an attorney you better think again. Novi is Nationally known for being tough on DUI, drunk Driving and OWI. You have to fight your drunk driving in Novi. This is something highly discouraged. Yeah, that system in Novi will chew you up. Drug tests, fines, probation, JAMMS, jail, it will cost you much more without an attorney. You need to hire an attorney. In Novi the Cops, Prosecutors, and Judges play hard ball. Don't think you are the exception. Its a tough place. From the security at the 52nd Courthouse Door in Novi right down to the exit out the back to the Oakland County Sherrifs office.

Also beside dealing with the Novi Police if you are arrested in Highland MI, or Milford MI you will also go to court in Novi if you get an OWI or DUI.

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