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If you have been arrest for a drunk driving in Ann Arbor Michigan the courts there tend to be pretty tough. If you are looking for an OWI attorney in Ann Arbor my office is experienced with the District courts in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has a pretty good public defender system, actually better then most. They have a full staff of long term lawyer that are quite good. But if you are looking for a drunk driving attorney in Ann Arbor you should hire a private attorney that does drunk driving because the Public defender's office may be cheap but they are for a broader range of criminals. Remember most drunk drivers are not criminals. Most people that get arrested for drunk driving in Michigan are not criminals, but are your average working class or even white collar workers that were just out a little late and had a few to many or many not even a few to many but were just unlucky and got the wrong cop and you are actually arrested and charged but weren't really over legal limit.

Let's say you work in Ann Arbor and you get a call from your boss to meet in Livonia for a business dinner. As you head back to Ann Arbor and you stop in Plymonth for a drink and 5 minutes up the road you see a dog and swerve and a cop thinks you are swerving and pulls you over and smells the drink on your breath. He may have already made up his mind you are going to jail. And let's say the cop does everything he can to support his theory that you are intoxicated. Now you really need a good OWI attorney.

I know the above story sounds like a fairy tale but it happens more then you think. A lot of innocent people get charge with OWI.  If you think those machines are accurate all the time I will tell you no machine is perfect. The Datmaster DMT can make mistakes. Of course any prosecutor will tell you they are perfect.  But they're not.

Remember if you been arrest for Drunk Driving in Ann Arbor there are always defenses. Why not give me a call lets talk about things.


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