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09/29/2013 - By Doug Dern

In Michigan DUI check points are illegal. That means the police can not set up a road side stop to ask you if your are drinking. There was once a case that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court rule that sobriety checkpoints were Consitutional. However on appeal the State of Michigan Supreme Court ruled that under the State Constitution they were disallowed. 

I see a lot of t.v. commericals that say DUI we will catch you.When the police set outside the bar like they do in Novi Michigan and stop every single person for a civil infraction isn't that really a checkpoint? I think the police have figured out all kinds of ways to use sobreity check points. 

The problems I see in courts are that a lot of judges act as prosecutors. They wouldn't dare say the cops are wrong. Its a problem. Yes, DUI is wrong and people die. If you are reading this page considering hiring me for an attorney I don't judge I defend. I protect your rights.